Chapter 1. Welcome!

Article 1. Purpose
Thank you for using the Services provided by Lululab Corp. (hereinafter, the "Company'). The Company has established the Comprehensive Login System and "Lululab Account Terms and Conditions" thereto (hereinafter, the "Terms and Conditions") to provide a more diverse and convenient Internet and mobile Services. THIS Terms and Conditions prescribes general provisions about the rights, duties and responsibilities, terms of use, and procedures required in use of the Service. The Company appreciates your taking time to read it carefully.

Article 2. Effect and Modification of Terms and Conditions
① This Terms and Conditions shall be posted in the relevant pages of Lululab Website(, and shall enter into force between the Parties that have consented hereto.
② The Company, if deemed necessary, can modify this Terms and Conditions within the scope not contravening the relevant laws and regulations. In such case, the amended contents shall be announced or notified by the Company at least fifteen (15) days prior to the effective date. If the foregoing modification unavoidably operates to your disadvantage, the Company shall individually transmit the notice thereon, at least thirty (30) days prior to the effective date, to your email address via email or to your mobile phone number via text messages (unless you have any email address, other electronic methods including electronic notice or pop-up message in the Service shall be applied.)
③ Unless you explicitly refuse to accept the aforementioned modification within a set period, from the date of announcement or notification hereby to seven (7) days after the effective date, the Company shall presume your consent thereto. Unless you agree to the revised Terms and Conditions, you may terminate the Service Agreement at any time.

Article 3. Additional Terms
Any matters that are not prescribed in this Terms and Conditions shall be subject to the relevant laws and regulations, Terms of Service of Individual Services, and Operation Policies and Rules set forth by the Company (hereinafter, the "Guiding Principles").
Article 4. Definition of Terms
① The Terms herein shall be defined as follows:
1. "Lululab Account" refers to the Company's Login Account Policy that allows users to manage with a single login account and password, verification of user identity, modification of his/her personal information, and sign-up and withdrawal for membership in the Individual Services provided by the Company or its Partners.
2. "Member" refers to a person who uses Lululab Account, after having agreed to this Terms and Conditions in the Individual Services associated with Lululab Account or on the Lululab Account Website.
3. "Partners" refer to any corporation that has entered into partnership with the Company to jointly provide Lululab Account. The list of Partners is published on the Lululab Corporation Website.
4. "Individual Service" refers to any accessible service via Lululab Account provided by the Company or Partners. Individual Service may be further added or modified, and such change shall be posted on the Lululab Corporation Website.
5. "Lululab Account Website" refers to the Internet site where any Lululab member can check and/or modify his/her account information online..
6. "Lululab Account Information" refers to any required or optional information set by the Company. Lululab Account Information means any member information that can be checked, modified and managed in the account settings page of Lululab Account Website or Individual Services.

Chapter 2. Lululab Account Service Agreement

Article 5. Formation of Agreement
① Users can sign up for Lululab Account by entering a certain information in the Account Information page of Lululab Account Website or Individual Service.
② The Lululab Account Service Agreement shall come into effect after the Company verifies the information entered by a user who has agreed to this Terms and Conditions and then filed an application as prescribed in the Article 1. hereof..
Article 6. Limitation of Lululab Account Use
① Any applicant pursuant to the Article 5 shall be permitted in principle to use the Lululab Account by the Company; Provided, however, that the Company may withhold or refuse its approval on use of the Lululab Account, if a case falls under any of the following subparagraphs. In particular, any user aged under 14 years can create his/her Lululab Account only with consent of a legal representative (ex. parents)
1. Provided that the Company has deleted your Lululab Account under this Terms and Conditions or Guiding Principles
2. Provided that you have attempted to create a Lululab Account by using a third party’s name, email address or personal information
3. Provided that you enter no required information, or false information in the process of creating a Lululab Account
4. Provided that there is no sufficient capacity to provide the Service
5. Provided that any technical issue is detected in providing the Service
6. Provided that the Company admits the financial or technical needs thereof
7. Provided that any member whose qualification has been suspended attempts to arbitrarily terminate and re-enter the Service Agreement within the period of such regulatory measures
8. Provided that any attempt to contravene the relevant laws and regulations or Guiding Principles set forth by the Company occurs
② Provided that you turn out to have created a Lululab Account thereagainst, the Company may impose proper restrictions by immediately suspending the use of, or deleting your Lululab Account.
Chapter 3. Use of the Lululab Account

Article 7. Provision of the Lululab Account
① The Service herein provided in association with Individual Service (hereinafter, the "Lululab Account Service" or the "Service") is defined as follows:
1. "Comprehensive Login" refers to the integrated Authentication Service that Members can log into any Individual Service connected to the Lululab Account via a single username and password.
2. SSO (Single Sign On): Once a user logs into the Lululab Account via web browser or specific mobile devices, he/she can access to Individual Service associated with the Lululab Account without additional logins.
3. Integrated Management of Lululab Account Information: The Company shall manage the Lululab Account Information in association with other Individual Services. Depending on the type of Individual Services, the Members can request for real name or identity verification via a specialized agency and save such results as the Lululab Account Information.
4. Other Services Provided by the Company
② To provide better Lululab Account Service, the Company may display in the Service Page or send out via email various information including notices, admin messages and other advertisements regarding use of the Service, provided, however, that commercial information shall be transmitted only with a user's prior consent to reception.
Article 8. Modification and Termination of the Lululab Account Service
① The Company exerts every effort in providing the Service 24/7/365. If a case falls under any of the following subparagraphs, all or part of the Service shall be restricted or suspended by the Company.
1. Regular or provisional check for equipment maintenance of the Lululab Account Service
2. Service disruption due to blackout, equipment failure, or traffic overload
3. Any case that the Company can no longer maintain the Lululab Account Service due to changes in circumstance including termination of Partnership Agreement, the government order/restriction, etc.
4. Natural disaster, national emergency, or other force majeure events
② Service suspension due to any of the foregoing causes shall be notified or announced in the method prescribed in the Article 12, provided that any cause that the Company is unable to predict or control (ex. Disc/server failure or system down without the Company's negligence) shall make an exception of prior notification or announcement herein. However, even for such exceptional cause, the Company shall exert its utmost effort to recover the Service at the earliest possible time.
③ Modification or termination of the Service shall be individually notified via email to a registered email address, or text message to a registered mobile phone number. (If a user registered no email address, the aforementioned notification shall be announced via electronic note or pop-up message in the Service.)
Article 9. Management of the Lululab Account
The Lululab Account shall be used only by its holder, and any access by other person must be banned. The Member shall manage his/her password in person to allow no one to appropriate his/her Lululab Account. The Company may require both password and additional verification to prevent abuse of the Lululab Account by other person. In case of the foregoing appropriation, please report it via the Customer Center. The Company exerts its utmost effort to inform how to prevent such appropriation.
The Members can view and modify their information in the page of Account Settings on the Lululab Account website or in the Individual Services. However, you may not be able to change some information including Lululab Account, phone number, unique device identifiers and other user identification information require to provide and manage the Lululab Account Service. In case of such modification, an additional user identification may be required. If you wish to update any information you entered at the time of sign-up, you can modify it in person or contact us via email or Customer Service.
③ The Company takes no responsibility for any loss attributable to your negligence in timely updating the Lululab Account Information..
Chapter 4. Obligation of Contracting Parties

Article 11. Obligation of the Members
① The Members must perform none of the following activities in use of the Service.
1. Enter false fact while applying or modifying the Service Use; appropriate or unjustifiably use other Member's Lululab Account and Password; use other's name; or conduct SMS verification without consent of a registered person
2. Defame or injure other's reputation
3. Upload lewd materials on the bulletin board and/or connect (link) harmful sites
4. Violate other rights of the Company or a third party including copyright
5. Disseminate to others any information, sentence, figure, or voice against public order and/or good morals and manners
6. Register or circulate computer viruses to cause malfunction of equipment, and/or destroy and disrupt information related to the Lululab Account Service
7. Transmit any information, in bad faith, that can interfere or impede a stable Service operation, or any commercial information or Spam Mails against recipient's explicit refusal of reception
8. Copy, alter, distribute, sell, transfer, lend, secure or allow others to use the Service or part of software thereof without the Company's consent; and/or copy, disassemble, imitate or transform the Service including reverse-engineering of software or any attempt to extract source code
9. Personate a false identity of other person and/or misrepresent the relationship with other person
10. Collect, store and/or disclose other Member's personal information
11. Circulate false information to provide oneself or others with proprietary benefits, or to damage others
12. Circulate any information to arrange prostitution or mediate lewd acts
13. Interfere other's daily life by having utterance, sound, writing or video clip that arouses shame, revulsion or fear continuously reached to the aforementioned other person
14. Transmit or publish any information (including computer program) prohibited by the relevant laws and regulations
15. Upload a post, or transmit email message by disguising or personating any officer or administrator of the Company or Partners, or appropriating other's name
16. Post any material that contains software virus, other computer code, file or program designed to disrupt or destroy normal operation of computer software, hardware, and electronic communication devices; and/or transmit the foregoing via email
17. Other Illegal Act
② Members shall neither transfer nor grant their rights to use and legal status hereby, nor impignorate the foregoing rights and status.
③ Unless a Member abides by the relevant laws and regulations, and all sorts of Terms and Conditions or Policies of the Company, his/her contravention may be investigated; his/her use of the Service may be temporarily or continuously suspended; or his/her resubscription may be restricted by the Company.
④ Members can refer to Lululab Operation Policy for any matters prescribed herein and/or other details about use of the Service.
Article 12. Protection of Personal Information
The primary task of the Company is to securely process the Member's personal information. Such information shall be used to provide a seamless Service only within purpose and scope agreed between the Parties hereto. Unless the Members have made a separate consent, or except as otherwise prescribed in the relevant laws and regulations, the Company must not provide the Member's personal information, which the Members can rest assured. The Members can find which efforts the Company exerts to securely process their personal information in the Lululab Privacy Policy.
Article 13. Notification and Announcement to the Members
Communication with the Members is most valued by the Company. The Members can visit Customer Center and raise their opinions at any time. Notification for all Members shall come into force by being posted in the Service Notification for no less than seven (7) days. Any notification that may gravely affect your conditions shall be individually sent to your registered email address via email, or to your registered mobile phone number
Chapter 5. Termination of the Service

Article 14. Termination of the Service
The Members can apply for the termination of the Service Agreement at any time in use of the menu provided in the Services. The Company will take actions accordingly in a swift manner as prescribed under the relevant laws and regulations.
② Provided that there exists no record of signing into or accessing the Service for a certain period of time stipulated in the relevant laws and regulations, the Company may discard or separately store the Member's information after notifying such measures to a registered email address or mobile phone number via email, SMS message or any other valid methods. If any essential information to activate the Lululab Account Service lacks thereby, this Service Agreement may be terminated. For further information, please refer to the provision of Inactive Services in the Lululab Operation Policy.
③ Upon termination of the Service Agreement, any information associated with the Lululab Account and the Individual Service shall be deleted, except as otherwise prescribed in applicable laws and Privacy Policy; provided, however, that any matter related to data deletion including posts written in each Individual Service shall be pursuant to the Terms and Conditions thereof.
④ The Members can attempt to re-enter into the Service Agreement, even after termination of the Agreement.
Article 15. Indemnification for Damage
① With regard to the Service, the Company must not assure or guarantee any specific matters that are not prescribed in this Terms and Conditions within the scope permitted under the relevant laws and regulations. The Company shall provide no warranty on credibility and accuracy of information, data and fact posted in the Service in a way that the Contents Provider (CP) offer or the Member write, and shall take no responsibility for any loss occurred without the Company's negligence.
② The Company will compensate for any loss caused by its negligence under this Terms and Conditions and the relevant laws and regulations; provided, however, that the Company shall take no responsibility for any loss occurred without its negligence as prescribed in the following subparagraphs. Furthermore, the Company shall take no liability for indirect, particular, consequential, disciplinary and punitive loss.
1. Any loss occurred in an uncontrollable state including natural disaster or equivalent force majeure
2. Service error due to reasons attributable to the Members
3. Personal loss arising from access to or use of the Service
4. Any loss originated from illegal access to or use of the Company's Server by a third party
5. Any loss originated from impeded transmission to or from the Company's Server by a third party
6. Any loss originated from transmission or spread of malware by a third party
7. Any loss arising from use of the Service by a third party including damage or defamation caused by omission, deletion, destruction, etc. of transmitted data
8. Any other loss arising from acts of the Company that are not intentional or negligent
Article 16. Dispute Settlement
This Terms and Conditions or the Service shall be stipulated and executed under the laws and regulations of the Republic of Korea. In case of any disputes arising out of or related to use of the Service between the Parties concerned, the Company shall faithfully consult with the other Party hereto to resolve such issues. Unless the foregoing conflicts are settled, the Company may file a lawsuit to a competent court under the Civil Procedure Act.