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How Does It Work?

If you’re with LUMINI, your life will be a little easier with an analytical report coming out through the skin that’s taken.

AI Capture
Your Face

LUMINI’s automatic face detection and light correction technologies capture your entire facial skin for optimal, accurate analysis.

AI Analyzes
Your Skin

LUMINI examines up to your inner skin, increases its analysis accuracy through deep learning, and rates your skin in 6 different categories: Wrinkles, Pigment, Redness, Pores, Sebum, Acne.

AI Recommends

LUMINI finds suitable products and services that work best for your skin.

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LUMINI LUMINI is the first in the beauty industry to use the artificial intelligence technology to digitize the skin. With one photo shoot, it analyzes your skin accurately within 10 seconds and recommends the best product.


LUMINI Kiosk LUMINI kiosk is a self-measuring instrument, and anyone can easily experience artificial intelligence skin analysis and curation services according to intuitive UI / UX.


UV Kiosk UV kiosks can help prevent photo-aging by using optical technology to tell your skin whether it is UV-blocking. In addition, it recommends suitable sunscreen along with the parts that need to be managed.

UV Kiosk