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Yongjoon Choe

Yongjoon Choe

Yongjoon Choe is the Founder and CEO of lululab, a spin-off company of Samsung Electronic’s C-lab with its signature AI Skincare Assistant – LUMINI. Yongjoon received his B.A. in Bio Engineering from Cornell University. Prior to joining Samsung Electronics, he did research DNA genome sequencing at Harvard Medical Hospital. During his studies, he found out to belive that entire skin data can become an indicator of diseases in the future. He worked as a Creative Leader in Samsung, where he initiated developing AI Skincare Assistant focusing on image processing and artificial intelligence – to accurately scan and analyze entire facial skin and recommend personalized skincare products based on a person’s skin data.
Sangwook Yoo

Sangwook Yoo

lululab’s CTO, Sangwook Yoo, received his Ph.D. in Computer Science at KAIST. He started working with image processing during his graduate years, but soon found himself a little frustrated with the dearth of images of human brains. In contrast, he was instantly attracted to image processing of skin data, because of its sheer availability and easy collectability. While he was working for SAMSUNG Electronics to develop medical devices, he received a request to join the lululab project from Mr. Choe for his renowned development skills. Following his life motto of living life to the fullest and always tackling newness, he decided to join the team even when it spun off from SAMSUNG C-Lab in 2017, and is now constantly improving LUMINI’s AI technologies. In the future, he hopes to accumulate skin data and work towards an AI-run medical future in which technology would be able to detect what human mistakes may overlook.

lululab logo

"Connect all the beauty entities with Skin Data."

Lulu means ‘an outstanding example of a particular type of person or thing,’ and we wanted to make a ‘lulu’ and be a ‘lulu.’
It is also a term that represents happiness and joy, so it conveys our team’s ambition to make users happy by helping them feel more beautiful
everyday with devices that pleasantly fit into their lifestyles.

samsung logo

lululab is the 22nd company to officially spin off from Samsung Electronics.
In 2015, lululab began as an internal project at Samsung, executed through its new internal acceleration program, C-Lab.
In March 2017, after only about a year of incubation, lululab officially spun off from Samsung with its outstanding performance.

  • 11.2019
    • CES Innovation Awards 2020 Honoree; LUMINI Home
  • 11.2019
    • Launched Exclusive ‘AI Beauty Store’ in Seoul
  • 09.2019
    • Launched ‘AI K-beauty Store’ in the Middle East
  • 05.2019
    • LVMH Innovation Award Winner
  • 11.2018
    • CES Innovation Awards 2019 Honoree; LUMINI
  • 11.2018
    • COSMOPROF Asia 2018 Awards Winner
  • 02.2018
    • Gangneung ICT Exhibition (Pyeongchang ’18)
  • 05.2017
    • Established ‘lululab’ corporation
  • 03.2017
    • ‘LUMINI’ Project officially spun off from Samsung Electronics
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